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Most women know, or at least have heard that mineral cosmetics are all–natural and good for their skin.
However, still too many are still hesitant to make a switch from traditional cosmetics.
SO what are the reasons to use mineral make up . . .

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1. Healthy Mineral make up contains ingredients that are naturally antibacterial and nourishing. It is enriched with vitamins and plant extracts, therefore it won’t irritate your skin. It actually helps to treat inflamed skin and reduce redness.
It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.
It is extremely light, doesn’t block pores and allows skin to breathe.
2. Versatility It is much more versatile than most make up of course when it is done right. The loose powder pigments are what companies use to colour cosmetics. It can be used as eye shadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, hair highlights, colored mascara, nail polish, body shimmer, blush etc. When working with the pure pigment it can blend with almost anything.
Mineral make up can illuminate your face and bring out your natural beauty.
3. Quality A big difference between traditional make up and mineral make up is that mineral cosmetics don’t normally use filters like talc, binders, chemical dyes or chemical preservatives.
It also doesn’t encourage bacterial growth, which means there isn’t the same risk of contamination as there can be with traditional make up.
4. Shelf life It is because of its low contamination composition that it also often has a longer shelf life. In addition, many of the ingredients used in mineral make up promote stability.
Sometimes there is no expiry date shown on the packaging, instead you can find the symbol of an opened jar with a period of time on it to show how long after opening it can still be used.
5. Long lasting Traditional make up can sometimes tend to either melt or rub off with the impact of climate conditions such as heat and rain. Mineral make up can often be more resistant and long lasting.
A little bit of mineral make up can go a long way, if applied correctly, so apply a little at a time until you reach the desired coverage that is right for you.

Icy lipstick (3.5g)

Wow £7-99…..
This 3.5g Icy Lipstick protecta and carea for your lips to prevent chapping, caused by cold or high temperatures. The vitamin complex works as the best balm that moisturises and firms the lips to give a healthy, attractive look. Its transparency allows the natural colour of your lips to stand out. Its original shape is reminiscent of an icicle. It is suitable for everyday use and it has a fresh, appetising flavour. It contains UV filters.

Mineral Eyeshadow (6g)

Not an Earth;y Price Either…Various Colours £8-99
This new 6g Mineral Eyeshadow is a composition of three harmonious colours that allows you to make the perfect eye make up. Delicate pearlescent shine illuminates and enlivens your look. It is based on specially selected mineral ingredients and argil rich in microelements such as silicon, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and mineral salts that nurture delicate skin of the eyelids. Avocado oil has moisturising, softening, regenerating and antioxidant properties. It contains natural UV filters.

Perfect Black 3 Step Mascara (8ml)

You have to check the Prices…… £8-99
This 8ml Perfect Black 3-Step Mascara volumises the lashes to the extreme while providing appropriate moisture. It spectacularly lengthens and precisely separates the lashes even after the first application. Natural active substances make the lashes look bigger and more distinct without sticking together, leaving no lumps and no smudging – the polymers in the mascara guarantee perfect coverage. The innovative shape of the 3 step brush with differing lengths of hair, enables application from the base to the tips of the lashes. The sensual black emphasises the intensity of the look giving your make up an intriguing brightness.

Tattoo Brow Tint (3ml)

£9.49 for Perfect Eyebrows and Does NOT Smudge…..
This 3ml Tattoo Brow Tint can be used used convenient and precise eyebrow styling and it gives a natural, long-lasting effect. It has a capillary dosing system and it does not smudge.

Product variants:


Brow & Lash Creator (2x7ml)

Only £8-99
This 2x7ml Brow and Lash Creator is an irreplaceable duo of brow gel and mascara base that allows to create a charming look and create a perfect eye make up. The transparent gel perfectly arranges unruly hairs and preserves the shapes given to the brows. It strengthens and regenerates and nourishes the brows, giving them a healthy beautiful look. Nourishing mascara base immediately thickens and lengthens lashes giving them exceptional volume that will intensify the effects of mascara usage. The base strengthens lashes day by day, it stimulates their growth, and thanks to active ingredients it works like a serum: lashes are nourished,smooth, elastic and its falling out is minimised. The shape of the brush allows precise application and allows to reach even the shortest hairs.

Liquid Eyeliner (1.1ml)

Only £7-99
This 1.1 ml Liquid Eyeliner beautifully highlights the eye contour, visually thickens the lashes, and creates an expressive look. Its perfectly shaped tip guarantees an excellent and easy application. It has a deep, intense colour that offers excellent coverage after one application. It has a capillary dosing system and it is very long-lasting.

Product variants:

Classic Brown

Waterproof Lash Top Coat (8ml)

£9-99 only….
The innovative 8ml Waterproof Lash Top Coat provides the perfect look of eyelashes, even in extreme conditions. It creates an invisible layer that makes any mascara waterproof as well as prevents it against crumbling and smudging. The extraordinary ultra-light formula protects eyelashes against moisture and water as well as makes them soft, smooth and elastic. It is ideal even in the rain or at the pool. Due to its hypoallergenic formula it may be recommended for people with sensitive eyes.

Intense Black Phenomenal Mascara (10ml)

Only £8-99
This 10 ml Phenomenal Mascara Intense Black provides phenomenal results: it lengthens, thickens, precisely separates and curls your eyelashes. It has an advanced formula and an ultra-precise wand that guarantee a panoramic curl effect. The nourishing properties of the mascara are a merit of perfectly matched active substances. An innovative ingredient – peptide derivative – supports the growth of eyelashes, revitalises hair roots and prevents fallout. Natural oils nourish eyelashes, whereas phospholipids and polysaccharides additionally moisturise them. The double power of vitamins C and E has a neutralising effect on free radicals. Specially selected waxes make eyelashes soft and smooth. Polymers facilitate application and make the mascara last long, prevent smudging and crumbling. A specially designed mini-wand coats even the tiniest and most delicate eyelashes as well as creates a swirly, lush and hypnotising look.

Extra Rich Lipstick (4g)

This new 4g Extra Rich Lipstick gives sensual colour and delicate sheen. It contains argan and jojoba oils which have moisturising and regenerating properties. Shea butter softens, smoothes and prevents your lips from chapping. Vitamin A accelerates epidermal cell regeneration, vitamin E protects from free radicals, while vitamin F nourishes and oils the lips. It contains UV filters.

Glam Lip Tint & Balm (Lip tint: 3ml, Balm: 1.4g)

This 1.4g Glam Lip Tint & Balm is a harmonious blend of a long-lasting, juicy colour, and a seductive gloss. The lip tint’s light, water-based formula provides comfort and natural look of your lips, whereas panthenol cares for the proper moisture. Due to richness of the active ingredients, such as coconut oil, panthenol and vitamin E, the glossy lotion has excellent nourishing properties. A comfortable lip tint form allows precise make up application without using a lip liner. It does not smudge and it has a sensual mango aroma.The lip tint’s capacity is 3 ml, and the balm’s weight is 1.4 g

Mineral Blush (8g)

This new pressed 8 g Coral Mineral Blush subtly defines cheekbones and contours your face. It contains micronised sapphire which nurtures and moisturises the skin. Tourmaline improves skin colour while kaolin additionally absorbs the excess of sebum. Olive oil (rich in vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and iron) has rejuvenating, moisturising and protective properties. A, E and F vitamin complex accelerates skin cells renewal making your skin smooth and supple. Its new formula spreads smoothly and evenly. It is suitable for every skin type.

Second Skin Foundation (30ml)

This new 30 ml Natural Cream Second Skin Foundation is based on micronised pigments which adapt perfectly to the natural skin colour and by reflecting light cover up imperfections. Gradually released polymers absorb the excess of sebum making your skin look fresh. White lily extract ensures proper skin moisturisation and rich in vitamins cucumber extract has refreshing, revitalising and softening properties. Aminoacid complex prevents epidermal water loss and smoothes out minor expression wrinkles. It contains UV filters. Its light formula guarantees pleasant application. It is suitable for every skin type. It is in an elegant glass bottle with practical pump dispenser.

Contour Kit (6.6g)

This 6.6g Contour Kit is a cosmetic providing a natural 3-D effect to your make-up. Perfectly chosen colours allow for corrections of the shape of the face, emphasising assets and covering imperfections. It contains silica (which optically reduces wrinkles and covers imperfections), white clay (which absorbs sebum and prevents the skin from shining), and oats flour (which gives make-up a velvety luxurious finish).
The kit consists of three parts:
  • Highlighter – brings out, and perfectly emphasises the central part of the face. It gives the skin glow, reflects the light, and conceals imperfections.
  • Contouring Powder – creates the impression of shadow and will emphasise cheekbones.
  • Bronzer – strengthens the effect of contouring, gives the skin the shade of natural, healthy tan.

Automatic Lipliner (0.31g)

This 0.31g Automatic Lipliner emphasises the contours of your lips with exceptional precision and it brings out the natural beauty of your lips. It contains intensively nourishing waxes. It is waterproof. Twist to open… twist to close. It has a built-in sharpener.

Make Up Setting Spray (100ml)

This 100 ml Make Up Setting Spray is in the form of light moisturising mist. During the day it will refresh your face and add glow to it. It creates an invisible light film that protects make-up. Thanks to it the skin maintains impeccable look for longer without the feeling of stickiness or tightness. It contains witch hazel water that regulates sebum secretion and reduces the effect of shining skin, sodium lactate which perfectly moisturises the skin, Enantia chlorantha tree bark extract and panthenol that soothe irritations, and vitamin E that reduces harmful effects of sun rays. Preservation and refreshment in one product!

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