Aries Perfume Horoscope

   Aries Perfume Horoscope

The sun passes through the sign of Aries from March 21 to April 20.
If your horoscope sign is Aries, you are bold, cheerful, motivating and inspiring.

Aries is a volcano of energy and expression. The typical ruler at home and at work. Stubborn and incorruptible.

Always strives to achieve his aims. Often takes risks and mostly does not make mistakes. Magical places on your body for the perfumes are your temples.

Magical scent notes: lotus, jasmine, cinnamon, plum, mandarin, raspberries, vetiver, lychee, peony, magnolia.

Fragrance families for Aries:   floral,  citrus

Recommended FM fragrances:

Perfume for Aries women:

FM 10, FM  25,  FM  33,  FM  283,  FM  292,  FM  296,  FM  360, FM  416, FM 420

Perfume for Aries men:

FM 57,  FM  93, FM  134, FM  452



Pisces Perfume Horoscope

Pisces Perfume Horoscope

The sun passes through the sign of Pisces from February 20 to March 20. Pisces are incurable idealists and dreamers.

Compassionate and selfless. Artistic souls endowed with intuition. They love everything that exists on the earth. Fragrances which can match Pisceans’ sensitivity and emotional character will be the ideal choice for Pisces.

Magical places on your body for perfumes are your feet.

Magical scent notes: orchid, jasmine, apple, orange, lotus, pink pepper maple tree, passion fruit, olive tree, cedar.

Fragrance families for Pisces:

  • floral,
  • oriental,
  • water

Recommended FM fragrances:

Perfume for Pisces women:

Perfume for Pisces men:

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Aquarius Perfume Horoscope

Aquarius Perfume – Aftershave Horoscope    

The sun passes through the sign of Aquarius from January 21 to February 19.

Aquarius is a timeless, free bird. Initiator of meetings and events.

In the privacy of home, he is a real caretaker and a culinary connoisseur.

Independent nature. Likes to live in the present and enjoy life.

When it comes to perfumes and scents, Aquarius will usually seek perfumes that are not “IN” at the moment.

Magical place on your body for the perfumes is your head and hair.

Magical scent notes:

  • resin,
  • cedar,
  • lily of the valley,
  • sandalwood,
  • patchouli,
  • coffee,
  • iris,
  • lotus,
  • orange, peony.

Fragrance families for Aquarius:

  • floral,
  • chypre

Recommended FM fragrances:  Aquarius Woman/Man


Perfume for Aquarius Women: 

Perfume for Aquarius Men:

  • FM 110
  • FM 325
  • FM 336
  • FM 461