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Laundry Capsules 256g/10 pc

Perfectly remove dirt! With active enzymes to effectively eliminate stains even at 30 °C.
In a form of concentrated capsules.

 efficient and convenient to use
 1 capsule = 1 wash cycle
 in soluble film that is safe for your hands

Expert Color   Snow White   Sensitive Touch  
Perfectly protect colours. With a concentrated wash power. Extract and protect
the natural whiteness of fabric,
preventing it from graying.
Designed for white and bright clothes.
With the content of natural soap
the Capsules combine maximum washing efficiency
with a mild formula.
Do not contain allergens, artificial colourings or optical brighteners.
RP: £7.90

Code: 704001

RP: £7.90

Code: 704002

RP: £7.90

Code: 704003

Gel Dishwasher Caps 
203g/10 pcs
  Protect the environment
but don’t give up on perfectly
and shiny dishes!
Save electricity, thanks to a perfect
cleaning already at 30 °C in short,
ecological wash cycles!
Enjoy your favorite dishes longer, thanks to the anti-dulling protection! phosphate-free
 they soften water and prevent limescale build-up
RP: £7.50
Code: 705002