Make up Mistake Make up Mistake

For the older ladies among you Remember….
Using Liner and Mascara on Your Lower Lashes
Playing up your lower lashes can make your eyes look droopy and draw attention to dark circles. Instead, curl your upper lashes and wiggle a volumizing mascara into their roots and slowly through the ends for the most uplifting effect.

Try our Volume  Designer Mascara
Mascara gives a distinctive look and volume of your dreams by leaving the lashes elastic, naturally soft and nourished. It regenerates lashes and prevents their falling out. A perfectly chosen thick brush with thick hair separates lashes and covers them with an even layer of mascara. Its creamy texture allows the mascara to be spread evenly giving a regular deep colour. It is long-lasting, does not smudge or crumble. To achieve a more spectacular effect for an evening make up, just apply 2 layers of mascara.