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Suntan Accelerator
Argan Oil
Sunscreen Spray 

Kids & Babies
Sunscreen Lotion
SPF 50
Beautiful tan in less time
and better protection
against the sun!
Reduced risk of
skin discoloration,
it leaves your skin
soft and silky smooth.

◾speeds up tanning and
visibly increases the
intensity of the tan
◾with coconut oil that moisturises,
improves firmness and
elasticity of the skin

It helps to
protect against
the harmful effects of the sun.
Resistant to water
and swimming-pool chlorine.

◾with moisturising
and firming argan and
macadamia nuts oils,
shea butter and vitamin E
◾prevents excessive drying
and photoageing of the skin

The best protection for
sensitive and delicate skin
of kids and babies.
Reduces the risk of irritation
and sunburn, as
well as prevents excessive
drying of the skin.
Resistant to water,
chlorine and sand.

◾Suitable for children over the
age of 6 months
◾with D-panthenol and allantoin
for soothing properties

RP: £12.00
Points: 30.00
Code: 504001
RP: £12.00
Points: 30.00
Code: 504002
RP: £16.50
Points: 40.00
Code: 504006

Coconut Sunscreen Lotion 
SPF 15
 Coconut Sunscreen Lotion 
SPF 30
 Ultimate Suncare Body Spray 
SPF 50
Perfectly helps to protect the skin
against harmful UV rays!

◾with coconut oil, that moisturises
and improves skin firmness
◾prevents excessive drying and
photoageing of the skin

With an innovative,
ultra-light formula.
It helps to protect the skin against
the harmful effects of sun rays
and wonderfully
moisturises the body.
The Spray contains coconut oil
which makes the skin firm.
Resistant to water,
swimming-pool chlorine and sand.

◾counteracts photoageing of
the skin and reduces the risk of
◾gets quickly absorbed
◾does not leave a sticky film or
white stains

RP: £12.00
Points: 30.00
Code: 504003
RP: £13.50
Points: 35.00
Code: 504004
RP: £16.50
Points: 40.00
Code: 504005




After Sun Cooling Mist (150ml) After Sun Soothing
D-Panthenol Lotion
Tropical Relief 2 in 1 Milk
Instantly soothes burns and skin irritation caused
by excessive tanning. Gets quickly absorbed,
leaving your skin silky smooth.
◾cools and moisturises the skin, as a result
brings the relief to the skin
◾with soothing ingredients: aloe vera pulp,
menthol and humectants
Great at soothing burns and skin irritation caused
by excessive tanning. Gets immediately absorbed,
leaving your skin silky smooth.
◾cools and moisturises the skin, as a result brings relief
◾with aloe pulp and D-panthenol
One Milk – two purposes! It relieves skin irritations
caused either by excessive sun exposure or mosquito
bites. It visibly reduces the effects of sunburn.
◾with essential oils that form a natural fragrant
◾perfectly soothes thanks to the triple power of
D-panthenol, allantoin and Boswellia
◾moisturises and smooths the skin
RP: £12.00
Points: 30.00
Code: 504007
RP: £10.00
Points: 25.00
Code: 504008
RP: £12.00
Points: 30.00
Code: 504009



Golden Foam Self-Tanner
Fair Skin
Golden Foam Self-Tanner
Medium Skin
 Lets you get the sun tan effect after the first use! Gives the skin a delicate, golden colour which gets more intense in 3-5 hours. Very efficient. Nourishes the skin.
◾tan effect that lasts up to several days
◾without streaks, smudges and stains
RP: £13.90
Points: 35.00
Code: 504012
RP: £13.90
Points: 35.00
Code: 504013


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