Response of the 21st century
We want to live life to the fullest, not to miss out on anything and try everything. Life has a lot to offer but it
is equally demanding. We live faster and more intensely than our grandparents, we have much more passion
than our parents. At the same time the quality of the environment we live in continues to deteriorate:
modified foods, pollution, lots of artificial preservatives and additives that we unwittingly take into our body.
Do you know why we experience fatigue? Why do we tend to say „I don’t feel like doing it” and our skin tends to
look worse day by day? If you feel that your body can not keep up with the changing world, your metabolism is
slowing down, your skin has lost its glow, you lack energy, feel the lowered immunity – we have a solution for you.
A solution tailored to the twenty-first century.

` maintains the acid-base balance
` source of crucial microelements

nutricode_book_of_products.jpg Your body may be acidified
if you:
` eat sweets and other foods
which are rich in sugar
` drink coffee, alcohol, sweet,
fizzy drinks
` often eat ready-made meals
` eat a lot of meat
` have a bad mood, feel fatigue

` live in stress, are nervous


` weight loss enhancement, appetite suppression
` with glucomannan – highly effective body mass reduction ally
` beautiful skin during weight loss

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` Your daily dose of energy for the body & mind
` vitality rejuvenation
A composition of perfectly matched ingredients, which affect the flow
of physica nutricode_book_of_products3.jpg l and mental energy throughout the day and the sleep at night.

Take care of your body’s circadian
rhythm. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.,
during the deep slee
p phase, your
body regenerates and rebuilds its
vitality. This is the precious time
of increased biological activity.
However, inappropriate lifestyle,
irregular rest and the use of artificial
lighting weaken the rhythm of your
body, which can result in sleep


` 100% natural vitamin C from acerola nutricode_book_of_products 4.jpg

Vitamin C has been known
for years, however, it is
currently experiencing a
renaissance. It’s a result of
the latest reports not only
on great influence of this
vitamin on our immunity,
but also on its use in the
course of many diseases.
Do not let recurring colds
pull the rug from under

your feet! Take your dose
of health straight from


` Pro-Beauty formula
` pomegranate extract

Have beautiful,
flawless skin again!
Gain healthy and
strong nails!
Enjoy shiny,
stunning hair!