Aurile Thermal Mugs are back in stock!


Mugs are back in !

Convenient, stainless steel mug that has been designed so that your Aurile Tea or Coffee was hot for longer. It has double, shock-resistant walls, airtight blocking mechanism and rubber, anti-slip grip – that is why it works everywhere: at home, at work, at school, or on a trip.

Thanks to the colourful elements everyone in the family can have their own unique mug. The mug is very functional, and at the same time very easy to keep clean. These handy Mugs not only will enhance your everyday life but also help you promote your FM Business! Attractive, modern design also makes it a great gift idea.

Made of: stainless steel, plastic trim pieces
Capacity: 380 ml
Height: ok. 19 cm
Diameter: 6,3 cm
Logo: stylish engraving
Thanks to double walls it keeps the warm temperature for a long time. The mug has airtight blocking mechanism and rubber, anti-slip grip.
Directions of use: Warm the mug up before every use: just pour hot water on it for about 3 minutes. As a result, the mug will keep the warm temperature as long as it can. Next, pour the water out and quickly fill the mug with a hot beverage. In case of cold drinks, cool the inside of the mug with cold water (e.g. with ice cubes). Prepare your mug this way, fill it with a delicious drink and take it anywhere you go!
Tips and warnings: Wash the mug with a soft cloth and a bit of a mild cleaner. Do not soak the mug before cleaning. In case of heavy dirt or discolourations (for instant, as a result of having left the drink in the mug for many hours), fill the mug with water and a bit of lemon juice and leave it for 3 to 4 hours. Next, wash and rinse it thoroughly. For the mug to stay airtight, twist the lid with moderate strength. In order not to damage the mug, do not twist the lid too strongly. Do not fill the mug over 80% of its capacity because it can be damaged. Do not heat the beverage in the mug or leave it near heat sources. Also, do not keep sodas, dry ice, or short expiry date products, in the mug.
Available in three colours: black, red, green

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