Best Sewing Blogs


Every sewist goes through a period where he or she has no sewing mojo. Zero, zip, zilch, nada!
Absolutely no motivation to sew whatsoever. These sewists get our juices flowing again.
They make us want to get back in the sewing game, and conquer the world with our me-mades.


The guides, sew alongs and tutorials that are the sole reason we finish a project and don’t let it end up in
the UFO pile. They show us exactly how to insert a fly zipper, attach a waistband, or add a waist stay with
thorough instructions and clear photos that walk us through each and every step.


These ladies live, breath and sleep vintage. They channel styles and icons of decades past, and create
garments and accessories with their own flare. They bring old into the modern world, but always
stay true to their aesthetic.


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Best Sewing Blogs