‘FREE UPGRADE’ until the end of 2017

‘FREE UPGRADE’ until the end of 2017 – your chance to recruit members with an instant upgrade to a Distributor status!

FM World UK Business Partners can get registered as a Distributor without having to buy a Starter Pack – UNTIL THE END OF 2017!

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• MEMBERS TO BE – when selecting the Distributor Status they will not be obliged to purchase the Starter Kit. They still may choose Preferred Customer – as the status of registration, but may request it to be changed anytime after by contacting us over the phone tel: 020 8451 7776 or via e-mail help@fmcosmetics.co.uk  
who are currently registered as Preferred Customers, they can also upgrade their status to a Distributor without having to buy a Starter Pack. Should you wish to upgrade your status, please send us an e-mail to help@fmcosmetics.co.uk or request the upgrade when contacting us over the phone. Tel: 020 8451 7776 – CALL CENTRE LINES OPEN Mon-Frid from 8:00am until 5:00pm

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