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 MUFFIN – Utique Parfum FLAMINGO – Utique Parfum Travel Atomiser 8ml
  Travel Atomiser 8ml
Type: intriguing, noble, unforgettable
Fragrance notes:
Head notes: lemon, rose, saffron
Heart notes: woody notes, peony, amyris, leather notes
Base notes: amber, oud, vanilla
Type: charming, seductive like a forbidden fruit
Fragrance notes:
Head notes: Rosa Mosqueta, blackberry sorbet, green
Heart notes: Damask Rose, jasmine, apricot
Base notes: woody notes, crystal rose chord, musk
Now, your favourite perfume can
always be with you, even if you’re travelling
with small amount of luggage.
Comfortable and classy.
The twist-up atomiser with a glass refill
keeps your favourite fragrance safe while travelling.
In an elegant matt aluminium container.
Points: 250.00
Code: 502006
Points: 250.00
Code: 502007
Points: 9.00
Code: 920045
Points: 9.00
Code: 920046


Recommended for dry, tired, dull skin in need of nutrition.
Day Cream 60g   Night Cream 60g   Eye Serum 21g Caviar Revival Set
A treasure from the sea depths – the caviar extract
– is a real elixir of youth for the skin. It works in
synergy with concentrated bio collagen that affects
the smoothness and firmness of the skin, as well as
creates a delicate protective film on its surface.
An addition of 24-carat gold is an excellent carrier
of nutrients.
– with regenerating ginseng extract
The night reconstruction of the skin thanks to
a rich mix of valuable active ingredients. The
caviar extract has rejuvenating properties, high
concentration of the bio collagen tightens and firms
the skin, whereas hyaluronic acid moisturises it
– with silver and a stimulating ginseng extract
The valuable caviar extract is the foundation of
excellent nutrition of delicate skin around the eyes.
Its effect has been enhanced by bio collagen that
has skin tightening properties and a unique
peptide-diamond complex.
– argan oil has antioxidant and regenerating
Day Cream
Night Cream
Eye Serum
Points: 140.00
Code: 503008
Points: 140.00
Code: 503009
Points: 98.00
Code: 503010
Points: 300.00
Code: 980052

For dull skin that needs firming and rejuvenation.
Day Cream 60g   Night Cream 60g    Eye Cream 21g Golden Bliss Set
The royal formula with 24-carat gold for the
skin in need of tightening, smoothing and
vitality. It protects against the harmful effects
of the external factors. Coenzyme Q10 slows
down the skin ageing process and stimulates its
– rich in nutrients
– with pearl powder that adds glow, grape
seed extract and aloe vera
The synergistic effect of well-selected
rejuvenating ingredients – 24-carat gold, plant
stem cells and coenzyme Q10 – to nourish and
improve skin elasticity at night. Rescue for dull skin
that needs tightening and rejuvenation.
– green tea has an antioxidant effect, aloe
vera reduces inflammation and hyaluronic
acid has moisturising properties
A true elixir for the tired skin, based on the
apple tree stem cells that have regenerating
properties. Perfectly moisturises and
smooths the delicate skin around the eyes
as well as prevents redness. It contains
precious 24-carat gold particles, caffeine that
stimulates microcirculation and the coenzyme
Q10 that has antioxidant properties.
– triple power of plant extracts: horsetail,
witch hazel and grape seed
Day Cream
Night Cream
Eye Cream
Points: 140.00
Code: 503002
Points: 140.00
Code: 503003
Points: 98.00
Code: 503004
Points: 300.00
Code: 980054

For combination, oily skin, with imperfections and prone to irritation.
Day Cream 60g   Night Cream 60g    Eye Cream 21g  Silver Impulse Set
An innovative formula with silver, Tripeptide-1 and
Tetrapeptide-7 complex as well as hyaluronic acid
to soothe and moisturise the skin as well as keep
its’ beautiful, youthful appearance for a longer time.
With a light texture. Nourishes the skin and protects
it from the effects of adverse weather conditions.
-silver prevents skin inflammation and
-with caffeine that stimulates microcirculation
and soothing extracts of chamomile and
A rich blend of active ingredients with an intensively
nourishing effect: an innovate Matrixyl® 3000
delays skin ageing processes, silver takes care of its
balance and hyaluronic acid moisturises it perfectly.
Result: reduction of the signs of dehydration and skin
-normalises lipid disturbances of combination
and oily skin
-ginseng stimulates skin renewal, camomile
soothes it and the Angelica root extract has
anti-inflammatory properties
Revitalises, soothes and relaxes the delicate skin
around the eyes. Matrixyl® 3000 prevents skin
sagging by improving its tightness and elasticity,
whereas chamomile extract reduces puffiness
and swelling.
-with antioxidant vitamin E, horsetail root
extract, silver and caffeine
Day Cream
Night Cream
Eye Cream
Points: 140.00
Code: 503005
Points: 140.00
Code: 503006
Points: 98.00
Code: 503007
 : £99.00
Points: 300.00
Code: 980053


Vita Kids
Gummies 75g
  Vita Bomb
Gummies 75g
  Melatonin Dream
Gummies 75 g
-delicious multivitamin gummies for growing bodies and minds
-ideal for bone health, immune and metabolism support, eye
as well as overall health of children
-great taste guaranteed
-extra nutrient power
-provide energy, antioxidant, heart, immunity, metabolism and
overall health support
-relaxing sleep support aid
-as much as 5 mg of melatonin in 2 gummies
Melatonin, called the sleep hormone, helps to shorten the time needed
to fall asleep and alleviates the jet lag sensation. The intake of melatonin
is advisable with the disturbances of the circadian rhythm of sleep and
wakefulness. In the form of tasty gummies.
Points: 50.00
Code: 801006
Points: 50.00
Code: 801007
: £18.00
Points: 50.00
Code: 801008


2-Phase Suntan Accelerator SPF 6 150ml   Argan Oil Sunscreen Spray
SPF 6 150ml
  Coconut Sunscreen Lotion 
SPF 15 200ml
  Coconut Sunscreen Lotion 
SPF 30 200ml
Beautiful tan in less time and better
protection against the sun! Reduced
risk of skin discoloration, it leaves your
skin soft and silky smooth.
-speeds up tanning and visibly
increases the intensity of the tan
-with coconut oil that moisturises,
improves firmness and elasticity of the skin
effects of the sun. Resistant to water
and swimming-pool chlorine.
-with moisturising and firming
argan and macadamia nuts oils,
shea butter and vitamin E
-prevents excessive drying and photoageing of the skin
Perfectly helps to protect the skin
against harmful UV rays!
-with coconut oil, that moisturises
and improves skin firmness
-prevents excessive drying and
photoageing of the skin
: £12.00
Points: 30.00
Code: 504001
: £12.00
Points: 30.00
Code: 504002
Points: 30.00
Code: 504003
: £13.50
Points: 35.00
Code: 504004

Ultimate Suncare Body Spray 
SPF 50 150ml
  Kids & Babies Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 150ml
With an innovative, ultra-light
formula. It helps to protect the skin
against the harmful effects of sun rays and wonderfully moisturises the
body. The Spray contains coconut oil
which makes the skin firm. Resistant
to water, swimming-pool chlorine and sand.
-counteracts photoageing of
the skin and reduces the risk of
-gets quickly absorbed
-does not leave a sticky film or
white stains
 The best protection for sensitive and
delicate kids and babies skin! Reduces
the risk of irritation and sunburn, as
well as prevents excessive drying of
the skin. Resistant to water, swimmingpool
chlorine and sand.
-Suitable for children over the
age of 6 months
-with D-panthenol and allantoin
for soothing properties
Points: 40.00
Code: 504005
Points: 40.00
Code: 504006


After Sun Cooling Mist 150ml   After Sun Soothing
D-Panthenol Lotion 150ml
  Tropical Relief 2 In 1 Milk 150ml
Instantly soothes burns and skin irritation caused
by excessive tanning. Gets quickly absorbed,
leaving your skin silky smooth.
-cools and moisturises the skin, as a result
brings the relief to the skin
-with soothing ingredients: aloe vera pulp,
menthol and humectants
Great at soothing burns and skin irritation caused
by excessive tanning. Gets immediately absorbed,
leaving your skin silky smooth.
-cools and moisturises the skin, as a result brings relief
-with aloe pulp and D-panthenol
One Milk – two purposes! It relieves skin irritations
caused either by excessive sun exposure or mosquito
bites. It visibly reduces the effects of sunburn.
-with essential oils that form a natural fragrant
-perfectly soothes thanks to the triple power of
D-panthenol, allantoin and Boswellia
-moisturises and smooths the skin
Points: 30.00
Code: 504007
Points: 25.00
Code: 504008
Points: 30.00
Code: 504009


CC Face Sunscreen
Combination & Oily Skin
SPF 30 50ml 
  CC Ultimate Face Sunscreen
Dry & Sensitive Skin
SPF 50 50ml
Golden Foam Self-Tanner
Fair Skin 150ml
  Golden Foam Self-Tanner
Medium Skin 150ml
This cream protects and cares for skin beauty at the same time! It
evens out the skin tone and conceals imperfections as well as reduces
the risk of irritation and sunburn.
-innovative combination of sunscreen and concealer
-prevents from drying of the epidermis
Lets you get the sun tan effect after the
first use! Gives the skin a delicate, golden
colour which gets more intense in 3-5
hours. Very efficient. Nourishes the skin.
-tan effect that lasts up to several
-without streaks, smudges and stains
Points: 27.00
Code: 504010
Points: 27.00
Code: 504011
Points: 35.00
Code: 504012
Points: 35.00
Code: 504013

Body Concealer 175ml
Self-Tan Wipe 1pc
One product – multiple possibilities!
This Concealer provides excellent
hydration to the skin and evens out its tone. Conceals imperfections
and gives a healthy glow to the skin.
Smooths and firms the body, giving it a beautiful a look.
-combines the effect of a lotion
and the covering properties of
a body concealer
-with hyaluronic acid, coenzyme
Q10 and illuminating
Enjoy a summer tan all year round!
This Self-Tanner Wipe gives the
skin a uniform, healthy colour and is exceptionally easy to use.
-a natural tan result in a short
-no rubbing, smudges or
-an innovative formula based on
amber and walnut extracts
Points: 45.00
Code: 504014
Points: 3.00
Code: 504015


Deep Moisturising Foot Cream 75ml
Intensely moisturises the tired and coarse skin of the feet, perfectly nourishes, regenerates and smooths. With 8% urea content the cream reduces thickened epidermis. Wheat
germ oil strengthens the skin and gently oils it, whereas pro vitamin B5 alleviates irritations. – if used regularly, it reduces the tendency to develop cracked heels.
: £8.90
Points: 20.00
Code: S010


  Lumi Lift Liquid Foundation 30ml 
A unique rejuvenating formula that helps your skin fight the signs of ageing! It adds glow, conceals imperfections and fine lines. Excellent for the skin that is dull as a result of ageing or external factors.-unique combination of anti-ageing ingredients with corrective-concealing pigments
-the effect of velvet smooth and uniform complexion
Cream   Light Beige   Golden Beige
Points: 44.00
Code: 601201
Points: 44.00
Code: 601202
 : £16.50
Points: 44.00
Code: 601203

Matte Me Up Foundation 30g
It provides the skin with a natural, fresh look. Vitamin B3 reduces the appearance of pores and reduces shiny skin. Suitable for combination and oily skin.
-lasting matte, uniform color and velvety finish
-conceals imperfections and fine lines
-a unique combination of pigments and powdery ingredients
Ivory   Neutral Beige   Vanilla
Points: 35.00
Code: 601001
Points: 35.00
Code: 601002
Points: 35.00
Code: 601003

Flawless Airbrush Foundation 30g
A natural, fresh and uniform look combined with velvety smoothness. Perfectly improves the appearance of combination skin with imperfections and pigmentation changes.
-with a high content of micropigments that conceal discolourations and fine lines
-with vitamin E with anti-ageing, moisturising and smoothing properties
Nude   Cashew   Desert Beige
Points: 35.00
Code: 601101
Points: 35.00
Code: 601102
: £13.90
Points: 35.00
Code: 601103

Mineral Loose Eyeshadow 1g
click the picture to enlarge
Light, mineral dust in fancy colours.
-for dry and wet application
-apply: with a brush, sponge, or a fingertip
: £6.50
Points: 16.00

Matte Liquid Lipstick 7ml
click the picture to enlarge
Astonishing matte lip makeup with full coverage
from the first application. The new matte dimension.
-does not dry the lips
-deep, attention-grabbing colours
: £9.90
Points: 25.00

Micellar Lotion 150ml Makeup Artist Case Kabuki Brush In A Travel Case Makeup Brush Belt
Removes makeup and cleanses the skin, perfectly
preparing it for further care
-based on rose water and Rosa Centifolia petals
-perfectly refreshes the skin
 A professional tool for all makeup artists. Excellent
for storage of makeup cosmetics and accessories.
Capacious and practical.
-unfoldable sideways with four extendable
 Always to hand! The convenient case, perfect for carrying in your purse.
Suitable for loose and
pressed powders.
-synthetic bristle
 Has up to 28 pockets of various sizes for small
and large brushes as well as other accessories. It
facilitates the storage of all makeup artist tools.
Worn around the hips, offers a comfortable access
to accessories while doing makeup.
– perfect for professional makeup artists and
everyone who is just getting started with
Points: 19.00
Code: 609002
Points: 1.00
Code: 608109
Points: 14.00
Code: 608002
: £23.00
Points: 28.00
Code: 608108


Magic Flower Diffuser 100ml  Toilet Bowl Cleaner 750ml
Rose Garden   Lily Of The Valley   Exotic Fruits   Blooming Power
Look how the Magic Flower petals spread apart
and the flower takes on a beautiful colour. Enjoy
its captivating scent! The Magic Flower Diffuser
combines a remarkable interior adornment and
home perfume.
-with a decorative, handmade flower
-lasts for up to 6 weeks
Choose hygienic cleanliness! The Cleaner effectively
removes all kinds of dirt and limescale. Designed
for washing toilet bowls, ceramic and metal sinks,
bathtubs, shower trays, ceramic tiles, terracotta and
metal fittings.
-thick gel texture thoroughly coats the cleaned
-does not scratch the surface and is easy to rinse
-leaves a pleasant scent
Points: 30.00
Code: 708001
Points: 30.00
Code: 708002
Points: 10.00
Code: 708002
Points: 10.00
Code: 708003

Laundry Capsules 256g/10 pc

Perfectly remove dirt! With active enzymes to effectively eliminate stains even at 30 °C. In a form of concentrated capsules.
-efficient and convenient to use
-1 capsule = 1 wash cycle
-in soluble film that is safe for your hands

Expert Color   Snow White   Sensitive Touch   Gel Dishwasher Caps 
203g/10 pcs
Perfectly protect colours. With a concentrated wash power. Extract and protect the natural whiteness of fabric,
preventing it from graying. Designed for white and
bright clothes.
With the content of natural soap the
Capsules combine maximum washing efficiency with a mild formula. Do not
contain allergens, artificial colourings or optical brighteners.
Protect the environment but don’t give up on perfectly clean and shiny dishes!
Save electricity, thanks to a perfect cleaning already at 30 °C in short, ecological
wash cycles! Enjoy your favorite dishes longer, thanks to the anti-dulling
-they soften water and prevent limescale build-up
Points: 19.00
Code: 704001
Points: 19.00
Code: 704002
Points: 19.00
Code: 704003
: £7.50
Points: 18.00
Code: 705002

Drain Clear Granules
  Storage Box
Reach for them to forget your plumber’s
number! They dissolve grease, hair and kitchen waste. Designed for unclogging sewer pipes,
drains and traps in sinks, bathtubs and shower
-essential in every kitchen and bathroom
-use at least once a month
Dishwasher tablets, laundry capsules – this handy box will suit them all!
Protect capsules against moisture. The four-snap lid additionally
protects the box content against children.
: £6.90
Points: 12.00
Code: 706001
: £6.90
Points: 12.00
Code: 710001