New Products available to order NOW! 12/05/2017

New Products available to order!



Recommended for dry, tired, dull skin in need of nutrition.
 Eye Serum 21g Caviar Revival Set 
 The valuable caviar extract is the foundation of excellent nutrition of delicate skin around the eyes. Its effect has been enhanced by bio collagen that has skin tightening properties and a unique peptide-diamond complex.
◾ argan oil has antioxidant and regenerating
Day Cream
Night Cream
Eye Serum
RP: £31.00
Points: 98.00
Code: 503010
RP: £99.00
Points: 300.00
Code: 980052

For dull skin that needs firming and rejuvenation.
 Eye Cream 21g Golden Bliss Set  
 A true elixir for the tired skin, based on the apple tree stem cells that have regenerating properties. Perfectly moisturises and smooths the delicate skin around the eyes as well as prevents redness. It contains precious 24-carat gold particles, caffeine that stimulates microcirculation and the coenzyme
Q10 that has antioxidant properties.
◾ triple power of plant extracts:
◾ horsetail, witch hazel and grape seed
Day Cream
Night Cream
Eye Cream
RP: £31.00
Points: 98.00
Code: 503004
RP: £99.00
Points: 300.00
Code: 980054

For combination, oily skin, with imperfections and prone to irritation.
 Eye Cream 21g  Silver Impulse Set 
Revitalises, soothes and relaxes the delicate skin around the eyes. Matrixyl® 3000 prevents skin sagging by improving its tightness and elasticity,
whereas chamomile extract reduces puffiness and swelling.
◾ with antioxidant vitamin E, horsetail root extract, silver and caffeine
Day Cream
Night Cream
Eye Cream
 RP: £31.00
Points: 98.00
Code: 503007
RP: £99.00
Points: 300.00
Code: 980053


Body Concealer 175ml
  CC Ultimate Face Sunscreen
Dry & Sensitive Skin
SPF 50 – 50ml
CC Face Sunscreen
Combination & Oily Skin SPF 30 – 50ml
One product – multiple possibilities!
This Concealer provides excellent hydration to the skin and evens out its tone.
Conceals imperfections and gives  a healthy glow to the skin. Smooths and firms the body,
giving it a beautiful a look.
◾ combines the effect of a lotion
and the covering properties of
a body concealer
◾ with hyaluronic acid, coenzyme
Q10 and illuminating micropigments
This cream protects and cares for skin beauty at the same time! It evens out the skin tone and conceals imperfections as well as reduces the risk of irritation and sunburn.
◾ innovative combination of sunscreen and concealer
◾ prevents from drying of the epidermis
 RP: £17.00
Points: 45.00
Code: 504014
 RP: £10.50
Points: 27.00
Code: 504011
RP: £10.50
Points: 27.00
Code: 504010


 Lumi Lift Liquid Foundation 30ml 
  A unique rejuvenating formula that helps your skin fight the signs of ageing! It adds glow, conceals imperfections and fine lines. Excellent for the skin that is dull as a result of ageing or external factors.
◾ unique combination of anti-ageing ingredients with corrective-concealing pigments
◾ the effect of velvet smooth and uniform complexion
Cream   Light Beige   Golden Beige
 RP: £16.50
Points: 44.00
Code: 601201
 RP: £16.50
Points: 44.00
Code: 601202
 RP: £16.50
Points: 44.00
Code: 601203

Mineral Loose Eyeshadow 1g
click the picture to enlarge
Light, mineral dust in fancy colours.
◾ for dry and wet application
◾ apply: with a brush, sponge, or a fingertip
 RP: £6.50
Points: 16.00

Micellar Lotion 150ml
Removes makeup and cleanses the skin, perfectly preparing it for further care
◾ based on rose water and Rosa Centifolia petals
◾ perfectly refreshes the skin
RP: £8.50
Points: 19.00
Code: 609002


Toilet Bowl Cleaner 750ml
Drain Clear Granules 
 Exotic Fruits   Blooming Power 
Reach for them to forget your plumber’s
number! They dissolve grease, hair and kitchen waste. Designed for unclogging sewer pipes,drains and traps in sinks, bathtubs and shower trays.
◾ essential in every kitchen and bathroom
◾ use at least once a month
Choose hygienic cleanliness! The Cleaner effectively
removes all kinds of dirt and limescale. Designed
for washing toilet bowls, ceramic and metal sinks,
bathtubs, shower trays, ceramic tiles, terracotta and metal fittings.
◾ thick gel texture thoroughly coats the cleaned surfaces
◾ does not scratch the surface and is easy to rinse
◾ leaves a pleasant scent
RP: £6.90
Points: 12.00
Code: 706001
RP: £6.50
Points: 10.00
Code: 707002
RP: £6.50
Points: 10.00
Code: 707003