Mother’s Day Special – save £16.00 with the Beautiful Skin Set!

’s Day – save £16.00 with the Beautiful Skin Set!

On 26th March we are celebrating Mother’s Day to honour our mums, mother figures and motherhood in general. To show our appreciation and to pay tribute to the role that our mothers play in our lives, we would like to offer you the perfect gift ideas to treat mum.

Give your mum an extra special treat with our Beautiful Skin Set!

100% natural – Luxury Face Oil is excellent under make-up, for day and night and the perfect composition of ingredients in Nutricode Skin-Hair-Nails will help to improve skin health.

With our exceptional gift set you are saving £16.00!

The Beautiful Hair Set contains:

Luxury Face Oil 30ml

An exclusive composition of 13 precious oils and essential oils of plant origin. The unique formula created from the most valuable natural ingredients which complement one another thanks to the blending technique. Restores healthy and radiant appearance. Contains a highly concentrated dose of vitamins and antioxidants, providing intensive skin nutrition, hydration and regeneration. The irreplaceable neroli oil, as well as Rosa Mosqueta, argan and jojoba oils reduce fine lines, delay skin ageing and have a rejuvenating effect.

Nutricode Hair Skin Nails food supplement 56 coated tablets

The perfect composition of ingredients to achieve strong, shiny hair, velvety skin and healthy nails. With Pro-Beauty formula contains copper which affects the proper hair pigmentation, iron, which by helping in the proper transport of oxygen in the body and cell division cares for their proper growth, zinc which provides the building blocks for growing strong nails, as well as vitamin E and pomegranate extract. The complex has been enriched with brewer’s yeast, vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C as well as biotin and amino acids which have beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails.