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Recommended for combination, oily skin, with imperfections and prone to irritation.
• Matrixyl® 3000 – an innovative combination Tripeptide-1 and Tetrapeptide-7 stimulates the production of collagen, slows down the first skin ageing processes, prevents skin sagging and improves its flexibility
• Silver – regulates the secretion of sebum, maintains the skin balance
• Hyaluronic acid – ensures proper hydration, prevents excessive keratosis of the epidermis
• Caffeine – stimulates micro-circulation, reduces puffiness and dark circles, smoothes and tightens the skin

Day Cream 60g Night Cream 60g Eye Cream 21g Silver Impulse Set
An innovative formula with silver, Tripeptide-1 and
Tetrapeptide-7 complex as well as hyaluronic acid
to soothe and moisturise the skin as well as keep
its’ beautiful, youthful appearance for a longer time.
With a light texture. Nourishes the skin and protects
it from the effects of adverse weather conditions.
-silver prevents skin inflammation and
-with caffeine that stimulates microcirculation
and soothing extracts of chamomile and
A rich blend of active ingredients with an intensively
nourishing effect: an innovate Matrixyl® 3000
delays skin ageing processes, silver takes care of its
balance and hyaluronic acid moisturises it perfectly.
Result: reduction of the signs of dehydration and skin
-normalises lipid disturbances of combination
and oily skin
-ginseng stimulates skin renewal, camomile
soothes it and the Angelica root extract has
anti-inflammatory properties
Revitalises, soothes and relaxes the delicate skin
around the eyes. Matrixyl® 3000 prevents skin
sagging by improving its tightness and elasticity,
whereas chamomile extract reduces puffiness
and swelling.
-with antioxidant vitamin E, horsetail root
extract, silver and caffeine
Day Cream
Night Cream
Eye Cream
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