#Beta-Glucan Active Collection – #10% OFF!


Beta-Glucan Active Collection – 10% OFF!

ß-Glucan Active is a range of skin care products which are based on an innovative and natural ingredient – oat beta-glucan. These universal cosmetics are recommended for both and men, regardless of their age. Their effects are marvellous!

The Collection:

• provides the skin optimum moisture creating a thin layer protecting against water loss
• stimulates collagen production and so it has rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties giving a long-lasting effect of minor wrinkles and lines reduction
• regenerates dry skin, soothes irritations, facilitates the healing processes
• tightens and makes the skin more elastic, firmer and smoother
• it is a natural factor protecting against UV radiation


Anticellulite Body Balm (300ml)

Contains unique Anticellulite Forte
complex that shapes the body and
strengthens tissues. If regularly
used, it gradually reduces the effect
of ‘orange peel’ and visibly shapes
thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen

Promo RRP: £11.69
Points: 25.20
Code: cel

3 in 1 Facial Cleanser (200ml)
  An exceptionally light hypoallergenic formula with light
texture. It perfectly removes even waterproof makeup.
Effectively removes dirt, and tones the skin leaving your
face smooth and nourished. the power of ingredients: oat beta-glucan,
panthenol, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, witch
hazel hydrolate, centifolia rose extract
 does not require rinsing
 tested under supervision of ophthalmologist

Promo RRP: £8.99
Points: 18.00
Code: ed1

Face Serum (30ml)
  Innovative, intensely acting cosmetic for every skin
type, especially recommended for skin with broken
capillaries, with acne, for sensitive, tired and -dried
skin. Recommended for regular use instead of a cream,
especially in the morning and evening, as well as topically
on areas of the face and body that require
treatment. allergen-free

Promo RRP: £12.14
Points: 22.50
Code: sr1

Moisturising and Smoothing Hand Cream (50ml)

  Moisturises and soothes the skin
of hands for a long time making it
velvety smooth to the touch. If used
regularly, it improves the skin tone
and strengthens matte brittle nailsPromo RRP: £10.79
Points: 21.60
Code: kr3

Regenerating and Nourishing Hand Cream (50ml)

   Created to answer the needs of
over-dried, very dry skin of hands
exposed to harmful external factors.
Intensively nourishes, smooths the
skin of hands and improves the
condition of nails giving them
a and well-groomed look.  formula based on: beta-glucan,
rice oil, castor oil, allantoin

Promo RRP: £10.79
Points: 21.60
Code: kr2

Moisturising Face Cream (30ml)
  Deeply moisturises the skin
which recovers vitality and a
healthy look day by day. Oat
beta-glucan restores collagen
synthesis. Sodium lactate,
glycerine and hyaluronic acid
prevent the skin drying,
higher fatty acid esters restore
protective lipid layer of the skin. issue: dry and dehydrated skin

Promo RRP: £12.14
Code: kn1

Rich Face Cream (30ml)

   Perfectly selected nourishing
ingredients oil the skin and create
a protective layer preventing from
drying and the activity of external
factors. issue: over-dried and irritated

Promo RRP: £12.14
Points: 25.20
Code: kt1

Semi-Rich Face Cream (30ml)

  Contains nourishing and
regenerating, as well as gently
oiling ingredients. Beta-glucan
actively rebuilds the skin and
makes it elastic. Esters of higher
fatty acids help maintain the
right level of moisture, whereas,
coconut oil and shea butter
restore firmness. issue: skin which lacks elasticity or combination skin

Promo RRP: £12.14
Points: 25.20
Code: kp1

Moisturising Body Balm (300ml)

   Moisturises and nourishes
the skin giving it firmness and
elasticity. For the care of every
skin type.

Promo RRP: £10.79
Points: 23.40
Code: bn1
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